Three years ago, twenty-two year old "girl-next door" Rachel barely survived a brutal massacre that left all of her friends murdered. Time has passed, and Rachel has moved on, but unfortunately her close friends are spending Spring Break in a secluded house in the woods, and they have cordially invited her to join. She would never have accepted the invitation if she realized that another bloodbath would be showing up as plus one.

  • Directed ByPeter Herro
  • GenreHorror

The Return of the Living Dead

Louisville, Kentucky, Fourth of July Weekend. Freddy (Thom Mathews) is the new guy at a medical storage facility run by hardass Burt (Clu Gulager). All things considered, it's a surprisingly boring job, just looking over skeletons, split dogs, and keeping many, many inventory forms. It isn't until his co-worker Frank (James Karen) brings up one of the place's dark secrets that Freddy's interest perks. You see, as it turns out Night of the Living Dead was based on a true story, where a government chemical spill resulted in the reanimation of several dead bodies who went on a rampage, and as things may have it several of the bodies from the attack are kept in sealed army drums underneath the storage facility. Surely enough, the two men go down there, and in an effort to prove how sturdy the containers are, Frank kicks one and accidentally opens it up. On the other side of town, a group of punk rock blaring teens walks about looking for a party. Friends of Freddy, they want to wait until he gets off work because he knows all the good places to party, so until then they naturally decide to party in a nearby cemetery.

  • Directed ByDan O'Bannon
  • GenreComedy, Horror

Night of the Living Dead

A group of people try to survive an attack of bloodthirsty zombies while trapped in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse. Although not the first zombie film, Night of the Living Dead is the progenitor of the contemporary "zombie apocalypse" horror film, and it greatly influenced the modern pop-culture zombie archetype.

  • Directed ByGeorge A. Romero
  • GenreHorror


The church enlists a team of vampire-hunters to hunt down and destroy a group of vampires searching for an ancient relic that will allow them to exist in sunlight.

  • Directed ByJohn Carpenter
  • GenreAction, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller