Tombs of the Blind Dead

In the thirteenth century, the region around the city of Berzano was ruled by a legion of Templar Knights, who sought eternal life through the ingestion of human blood. They terrorized the region by harvesting the land and committing human sacrifices. They eventually got imprisoned and executed, left hung out for the crows to peck out their eyes. In modern day Portugal, a group of people visits the abandoned city, which awakens the Templar's corpses, terrorizing the region again.

  • Directed ByAmando de Ossorio
  • GenreHorror

The Thing

Offset of Winter, 1982: An American research station in the Antarctic is accosted by two seemingly delirious Norwegians (Norbert Weisser and Larry J. Franco) from another research base nearby, who are adamantly pursuing a wolf with rifles and grenades. When the latter wounds one of the twelve American researchers, the outpost’s commander, Garry (Donald Moffat), shoots the hostile individual after the helicopter--by which the two arrived and after a live grenade is lost in the chaos--explodes, the other foreign agent is dispatched. When the wolf attacks and mutilates other canines within the compound, it is discovered shortly thereafter that the animal is harboring a 100,000 year-old alien life form capable of assuming another organism’s being. The team members shuffle amid paranoia and distrust as they attempt to determine the presence of the hostile shape-shifting monster before it consumes one and all.

  • Directed ByJohn Carpenter
  • GenreHorror, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller


Laura Baxter is a young woman, literally a "sleeping beauty," who suffers from a medical condition called "parasomnia." A childhood accident victim, she is actually sleeping her life away, awakening briefly on rare occasions. Art student Danny Sloan falls in love with her, unaware that her hospital neighbor, a terrifying mass murderer and mesmerist named Byron Volpe has other, more sinister plans.

  • Directed ByWilliam Malone
  • GenreHorror, Thriller


A spider escapes from an isolated desert laboratory experimenting in giantism and grows to tremendous size as it wreaks havoc on the local inhabitants.

  • Directed ByJack Arnold
  • GenreHorror, Science Fiction, Thriller