The Key

A gang of bikers seeking the title giving "KEY" torture and brutally slaughter a family of pagans. Forty years later Tim and his partner Josh, just having averted bankruptcy by closing a last minute deal with the Chinese, celebrate the joyous occasion with their spouses Selina and Carrie. Gorge, a notorious gangster boss, sends a couple of thugs to ambush Tim and relieve him of the downpayment. Tim gets shot but manages to flee. Making a break neck getaway they crash their car on a deserted highway....

  • Directed ByGedeon Burkhard
  • GenreMystery, Horror, Action

Tropical Vampire

The adventures of Vlak, a Brazilian vampire, through the night of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Directed ByMarcelo Santiago
  • GenreHorror

The Mill at Calder's End

In the remote village of Calder's End stands an old windmill, a repository of dark secrets. Nicholas Grimshaw has returned to this haunted place, his childhood home, intent on breaking a generations old family curse. Grimshaw's journey takes him deep below the decaying mill,into mysterious, forgotten catacombs, where upon he confronts the very source of the evil that has corrupted his family. The Mill at Calder's End is a gothic tale inspired by the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and M.R. James and is told with the use of 36 inch tall bunraku rod puppets operated by puppeteers dressed in black.

  • Directed ByKevin McTurk
  • GenreHorror, Animation, Fantasy

Demonoid 1971

This is the fourth in a series of five films under the pen name of Juan Francisco Moctezuma II. A group of friends camps in the jungles of Mexico (shot on location in Las Pozas in San Luis Potosí, México) but the vacation turns to horror when one by one members of the group goes missing. When Julian (Jorge Karlóz) discovers it's his own girlfriend, Erika (Gabi Mayorga, star of "Las Fieras 1969"), killing people off he can't believe it; he's right it's the demon, Itzpapalotl, possessing the innocent Erika. Now those left living with the help of an Aztec priest (Antonio Monroi of "Apocalypto") must perform the ancient Aztec new fire ceremony in order to save Erika, their own lives and all of humanity, but it all depends on whether or not Julian truly loves Erika.

  • Directed ByAlaric S. Rocha
  • GenreHorror, Comedy