Scars of Xavier

Xavier lives an apparently uneventful life on the fringes of Prague’s society. The introverted man in his mid-forties spends his days drying cars in “Dahmer’s Myci linka Servis,” keeping to himself and avoiding the limelight. At night is however when his true colors reveal themselves as a brutal serial killer, picking up young women and brutally murdering them, his deeds not seeming to follow any predetermined pattern. Anyone and everyone could be his next victim. One day he meets Karolina, a barmaid. He feels strangely attracted to her, although at the same time she stirs within him the desire to kill, more strongly than anyone else ever before…

  • Directed ByKai E. Bogatzki
  • GenreThriller, Horror, Drama


Four women travel through the weekend to a countryside area of Chile and they are brutally attacked by a man and his son. Alone and abandoned, they decide to confront the criminals. The struggle will lead the young women to a spiral of violence and depravity, for which none of them will be prepared.

  • Directed By Lucio A. Rojas
  • GenreHorror, Thriller, Drama

The Funhouse Waltz

In a forgotten, abandoned carnival funhouse, the sins of the past are doomed to repeat their dark secrets for all eternity.

  • Directed ByCarvin Knowles
  • GenreAnimation, Horror

The Defiler

Watch bags of scum rip open as Greta the Defiler mutilates her way to the rotten heart of a shithole of a city to save the last remaining pure thing. Filthy crooks drown in a tidal wave of blood, piss, cum, and feces, and the ruthless streets drink it all. Emasculating, slitting, blasting, finishing them off - The Defiler is coming. And they've had her coming. In this mischievous city, every street is a dead end!

  • Directed ByArtturi Olavi Rostén
  • GenreScience Fiction, Action, Horror, Drama