The Marshalls

The Marshalls seem like they live an idyllic life, but all is not what it seems. Mrs Marshall is hiding a dark secret in the depths of the house. Total Number of Images Captured: 2,208 Sets Built: 7 Characters Made: 4

  • Directed ByAdeena Grubb
  • GenreAnimation, Horror


After a night of carousing, the amateur photo model Zina heads for a fashion shoot in the nature, accompanied by the ambitious Mia, apathetic Dragica and snobby photographer Blitcz. On the idyllic location, a supposedly ordinary fashion shoot soon turns into a fierce fight for survival.

  • Directed ByTomaž Gorkič
  • GenreAction, Horror, Thriller


In a dark, dilapidated apartment suppressed door latches and muffled conversations bring a figure scuffling out from the shadows. It leers through peepholes out onto a world of beauty and despair. Obsessive lust over a female neighbour boils up to jealousy and rage when the voyeuristic relationship becomes a ménage à trois.

  • Directed ByJacob Nizzola
  • GenreHorror

Creatures of Whitechapel

Jack the Ripper stalks the streets of London, searching for the perfect victims to help bring her master's, Dr. Frankenstein, Creation to life. However, rumors of Frankenstein's nighttime activities are brewing, and Jack, revealed to be Igor, is tasked with one last foray into the bowels of Victorian London to find the last piece needed to bring his Creation to life. But what is life without love?

  • Directed ByJonathan Martin
  • GenreHorror, Thriller