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Antony Coia is an Italian film score composer and a publicity director for horror, thriller and science fiction genres movies. He composes music for films in his own private home studio in Lecce (Italy).

He is also a horror related webmaster since 2002 when he launched the website IlCancello.com. Actually he is the owner of the Internet Horror Movie Database (iHORRORdb.com) and the admin of the Italian horror website DarkVeins.com.

E-mail: antonycoia@gmail.com
Facebook: Antony Coia





Barbara Torretti has loved the horror genre since she was a child.
She has been involved in horror on the web for over 12 years, first with the horror movie website IlCancello and then with two social networking communities (GothicInside and MyMacabre) for dark, macabre and gothic people.

Actually Barbara Torretti is the admin of the Internet Horror Movie Database (iHORRORdb) and of the italian horror website DarkVeins.
She writes horror news, reviews and she also deals with interviews for the websites aforementioned.

E-mail: barbaratorretti@gmail.com
Facebook: Barbara Torretti