Desperate Souls (2005)

Long protected by dark shadows and hidden by secrets, a tattered book of unspeakable power that was written by the ancient druids has survived on the Earth for centuries. But when a group of young orphans stumble upon the book and unleash its vengeful power through a bloody and selfish act, they could endanger the unsuspecting teens enjoying a weekend camping trip in the woods -- or jeopardize their own lives.

      • Chad Archibald
      • Philip Carrer

      • Chad Archibald
      • Gabriel Carrer

Release Date: 2005-10-04

Chad Archibald


Gabriel Carrer

Director/Writer/Producer/Actor (Cop 1)

Pete Soltesz

Producer/Actor (Kevin Ricker)

Adam Koebel

Producer/Cinematography/Visual effects

Mitchell Stacey

Special make up effects

Matt Kowall

Lex Anderson

Breanne TeBoekhorst

Christy Howlett

Karen Boshart

Marissa Season

R. Patrick Williams

Brent Sherwood

Buchanan Elliott

Brandon Lawson

Ry Barrett

Nick Randeen
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