Tales from the Crypt (1972)

Five people find themselves in a tomb. The Crypt keeper explains why they are there through a series of frightening stories. Based on the classic comic book.

    Tagline: DEATH LIVES in the Vault of Horror!

    AKA: Geschichten aus der Gruft (Germany) / Condenados de ultratumba (Spain) / Histoires d'outre-tombe (France) / Racconti dalla tomba (Italy)

  • Freddie Francis

  • William Gaines
  • Johnny Craig
  • Al Feldstein

Release Date: 1972-03-09

Johnny Craig

Writer (comic book stories Tales From The Crypt and The Vault of Horror)

Al Feldstein

Writer (comic book stories Tales From The Crypt and The Vault of Horror)

William M. Gaines

Writer (comic book stories Tales From The Crypt and The Vault of Horror)

Milton Subotsky

Writer (screenplay)/Producer

Charles W. Fries

Executive producer

Norman Warwick


Teddy Darvas

Film Editing

Roy Ashton

Makeup Department

Gerald Larn

Visual Effects (uncredited)

Peter Saunders

Assistant director

Mike Higgins

Second assistant director (uncredited)

Terry Pearce

Third assistant director (uncredited)

Joan Collins

Joanne Clayton

Peter Cushing

Arthur Edward Grimsdyke

Roy Dotrice

Charles Gregory

Richard Greene

Ralph Jason

Ian Hendry

Carl Maitland

Patrick Magee

George Carter

Barbara Murray

Enid Jason

Nigel Patrick

Maj. William Rogers

Robin Phillips

James Elliot

Ralph Richardson

The Crypt Keeper

Martin Boddey

Husband - Richard Clayton (segment 1 "And All Through The House")

Chloe Franks

Daughter - Carol Clayton (segment 1 "And All Through The House")

Oliver MacGreevy

Maniac in Santa Suit (segment 1 "And All Through The House")

Susan Denny

Wife - Mrs. Maitland (segment 2 "Reflection of Death")

Angela Grant

Susan Blake (segment 2 "Reflection of Death")

David Markham

Father - Edward Elliot (segment 3 "Poetic Justice")

Robert Hutton

Neighbour - Mr.Baker (segment 3 "Poetic Justice")

Manning Wilson

Vicar (segment 3 "Poetic Justice")

Kay Adrian

Mrs. Davies (segment 3 "Poetic Justice")

Melinda Clancy

Helen Carter (segment 3 "Poetic Justice")

Frank Forsyth

Tramp (segment 2 "Reflection of Death")

Edward Evans

Constable Ramsey (segment 3 "Poetic Justice")

Clifford Earl

Police Sergeant (segment 3 "Poetic Justice")

George Herbert

Old Blind Man - Greenwood (segment 5 "Blind Alleys")

Harry Locke

Harry the Cook (segment 5 "Blind Alleys")

Jayne Sofiano

Secretary (segment 4 "Wish You Were Here")

Peter Thomas

Pallbearer (segment 4 "Wish You Were Here")

Tony Wall

Attendant (segment 5 "Blind Alleys")

Hedger Wallace

Detective (segment 4 "Wish You Were Here")

Bart Allison

Blind Man (uncredited)

John Barrard

Blind Man (segment 5 "Blind Alleys") (uncredited)

Carl Bernard

Blind Man (segment 5 "Blind Alleys") (uncredited)

Ernest C. Jennings

Blind Man (segment 5 "Blind Alleys") (uncredited)

Bartlett Mullins

First Blind Man (segment 5 "Blind Alleys") (uncredited)

Fred Wood

2nd Mortician (uncredited)

Robert Rietti

Radio Newcaster (segment 1 "And All Through the House") (voice) (uncredited)
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