List of The 2016 Optical Theatre Film Festival award winners announced!

The Optical Theatre Film Festival took place yesterday, november 25th, 2016, at the Fornaci Cinema Village (Sala 5 - Cinema Multisala Sisto) located in Frosinone, Italy. It awarded the top movies, filmmakers and actors of the festival in the presence of the artistic director Domiziano Cristopharo, the special guest Roberta Gemma and some members of the jury (the italian composer Marco Werba and the italian screenwriter Antonio Tentori).

The most deserving films and characters received special mentions and the "2016 Horror Icon" award, too. Right now we have a list of the event’s award winners.

All the trailers of the selected films and the four winners films (Good Tidings, Frankenstein Created Bikers; Blattaria and Legend of Dark Rider: The Beginning) were screened during the evening.

The event was recorded by the national webTV  'Cubik TV' and will be broadcasted via web very soon.

The Dark Circle Association thanks all participants, the jurors (Stephen Biro - Unearthed Films, Antonio Tentori, Marco Werba and Federico Frusciante), the official partnerships (iHORRORdb, DarkVeins and ScareToWatch), the award designer Luca Mattana and the beautiful Roberta Gemma.
A big thank you also to the Cinema Multisala Sisto of the Fornaci Cinema Village in Frosinone, Italy, which hosted the event at a fantastic location.

For the official Festival laurels in high definition click here.

The following is a complete list of winners:

  • “Best Feature”: Good Tidings by Stuart W. Bedford
  • “Best Trash Feature”: Frankenstein Created Bikers by James Bickert
  • “Best Short”: Blattaria by Thomas Pantalacci
  • “Best Trash Short”: Demonoid 1971 by Alaric S. Rocha
  • “Best Bizarre/Fantasy”: Legend of Dark Rider: The Beginning by Titus Paar
  • “Best Trailer”: The Reds, The Whites & The Dead by Svetozar Golovlev
  • “Best Director”: Monica Demes (Lilith’s Awakening)
  • “Best Screenplay”: Chelsea Andes and Chip Gubera ( by Chip Gubera)
  • “Best Cinematography”: Eben Bolter (Agravoy by Jacob Nizzola)
  • “Best Special FX”: Jessica Krage and Robin Logdo (Legend of Dark Rider: The Beginning)
  • “Best Music”: Jean-Philippe Ichard (Kitchen by Steve Duchesne)
  • “Best Animation”: The Mill at Calder’s End by Kevin McTurk
  • “Best Actress”: Wren Walker (Peelers by Sevé Schelenz)
  • “Best Actor”: Gedeon Burkhard (The Key by Gedeon Burkhard)
  • “Best Supporting Actress”: Susan M. Martin (Plank Face by Scott Schirmer)
  • “Best Supporting Actor”: Sven Martinek (The Key by Gedeon Burkhard)
  • “Best Villain”: “Larry”, “Moe” and “Curly” (Good Tidings by Stuart W. Bedford)
  • “Horror Icon 2016”: Laurence R. Harvey
  • “Optical’s Special Mention”: Plank Face by Scott Schirmer
  • “Optical’s Short Mention”: NSFW by C. A. Wallace