10 Horror Movie Cliches That Still Work

While horror movies have evolved over the years, there are still some elements of the movies that haven’t changed. These clichés still exist because they actually work, and are still as frightening, suspenseful of thrilling as ever.
1) An Obvious Villain
The first horror movie cliché that is really interesting about horror movies is the choice of the villain. The villain is often some supernatural being with superhuman strength. Sometimes though, the villain is just twisted and demented.

Take the movie “Saw” for instance. The villain had no superpowers but he sure knew how to ruin someone’s day. Each villain has their own swag. For instance Jason Voorhees, the Friday the 13th villain never had to speak. All he did was walk at a slow pace and eventually he would catch his victim. Obvious villains like these always make a horror movie much more interesting.

2) Stupid Characters
No horror movie is complete without stupid, gullible characters. This brings us to horror movie fact number two. There is always some intellectually challenged person that wants to go see where a strange noise came from. The famous line, “I need to go see what that was” Oh boy, shall we go see if Jason is around the corner? These are the same characters that run away from the villain and fall. Okay, so they fell, but why does it take them so long to get back up? They always find the room in the movie that has no exit.

3) The Car Won’t Start!
Horror movies always have a beat up car that just won’t start. This is the third fact of horror movies. The people running away find a car while being chased by a monster. They get in the car and turn the ignition and surprise, the car won’t turn over. Usually at the last second the car starts, or the villain or monster is breaking the windows out of the car. Once in a while you’ll see the possible victims get out of the car and make a run for it. If they are lucky they won’t fall while being chased.

4) Zombies Are All the Same
Has anyone seen a zombie movie that’s different? Horror movie fact number four, zombie movies are all alike. There’s a virus someone gets bit, then they turn into a zombie and go to bite other people. Zombies always have some crazed look on their face. The look can be described as a hungry, angry creature that was just laid off of their job. I can’t blame them, I would want to go and bite somebody too! The one cool thing about zombie movies is seeing different zombies emerge. There’s nothing like being locked up in a mall with crazy zombies.

5) Someone Has to Be Courageous
Horror movie fact number five; there will always be one dumb courageous person. In one of the Alien movies the actor Charles S. Dutton is screaming bold words at the alien as he is getting killed. Instead of trying to be tough, it would be a better idea to make their heels touch their butts and run like hell. How many people have tried to fight Jason in Friday the 13th? They give him a good couple of shots, and then he just usually impales them or decapitates them. Don’t try to fight a horror movie killer, kids. Run and keep on running.

6) Little Girls Are Creepy!
Horror movie Cliché number six. Whenever there are little girls involved the movie becomes even creepier. There is something about a little girl in a horror movie that is just scary. When I think of the movie Poltergeist I think of that little girl, who was going to be Drew Barrymore. In the movie “The Ring” I didn’t want that little girl to come up in the living room. The Exorcist is another example. A little demon possessed girl making a priest feel very uncomfortable. Umm, no comment for that one.

7) Sex Equals Death!
Horror movie cliché number seven. If someone has sex in a horror movie, they die. It always happens. The guy and the girl are ready to “make some love” and here comes Mr. Slasher making his way into the room. He always kills the guy first while the girl is screaming. Then he gets the girl. If you’re a horror movie character, your’e supposed to remain celibate. No sex is worth getting cut up by some psycho in a horror movie. Well the bright side is that they’re memory will be kept alive in the end credits.

8) Puppets are Cool
Horror movie cliché number eight: puppets are cool. Puppets add a certain flare to a horror movie. The movie “Puppet Master” had these mechanical puppets that used to mess people up. Look at Chucky from “Child's Play” or other toys from evil doll movies. These horror films will make a kid not want to play with dolls or action figures ever again. The puppets were always hard to kill; you would think all you had to do is remove the batteries. Unfortunately they were powered by some demonic force, not Mattel. The “Saw” puppet is another freaky one. “I want to play a game.”

9) Kids Should Stay Away From Parties
Horror movie fact number nine: kids will always get killed at a party. This occurred a lot in the 80’s, kids would be having a great time then they would get killed. The scene is almost funny, some nice 80’s music playing; and the guys are doing a beer bong. All of the sudden someone outside smoking a cigarette or something, meets the villain. They are under the influence talking to the bad guy but the conversation ends quickly with blood and broken bones. If you want to survive a horror movie, don’t have a party or have sex.

10) Chainsaws are a Scary Weapon!
Horror movie cliché number ten; chainsaws make a movie much better. The movie, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” made chainsaws scary. Most people just thought bout cutting branches and trees until Leatherface got a hold of the chainsaw. Once the engine comes on and you hear the chains moving, it makes the situation that much scarier. Somehow, chainsaws in horror movies make guns look weak. Guns don’t have the constant noise to them they just make noise when the trigger is pulled. Being chased with a loud chain saw make you run faster.