Some of the Campiest Horror Films Ever Made

We watch horror movies because, deep down, we want to be scared. Horror film is big business, and The Numbers reports that in 2013, horror films have made more than $394 million in total gross in the U.S.
However, for every zombie rampage or chainsaw psycho who strikes fear in our hearts, there's a horror film so laughable, it's enshrined forever in the sacred halls of cult fandom. Here we have collected some of the campiest horror films ever made.

1) - Dead Alive

Poster Dead Alive"Dead Alive" (originally released as “Braindead” in New Zealand) was filmed over 11 weeks by none other than “The Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson. 1992's “Dead Alive” is nearly two hours full of zombies, animated intestines, rat-monkeys and kung fu-fighting priests, and every second of it is glorious.

When a Sumatran rat-monkey bites Vera Cosgrove, it infects her with an illness that turns her into a bloated disease ball who craves human flesh. Her son, Lionel, is slow on the uptake concerning the obvious zombie symptoms. Along the way, there's some nonsense gypsy Tarot, stop-motion cannibalism, pompadours and gallons of blood. Sadly, “Dead Alive” bombed in theaters, grossing just more than $242,000, according to Box Office Mojo.


2) - Troll 2

Poster Troll 2“Troll 2” is so bad, it's hard to believe it was ever made. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 0 percent, one can only assume it has said score only because you can't go any lower. Clueless director Claudio Fragasso's 1992 schlockfest contains exactly zero trolls, isn't really a sequel, and isn't intentionally funny.

“Troll 2” is about a young boy's attempts to warn his family about the flesh-eating goblins the ghost of his late grandfather have warned him about. Everyone in his family is apparently stupid, as they decide to go on vacation to a town called “Nilbog.” That's “Goblin” backwards, if you missed it.

The acting in “Troll 2” is so bad, it's legendary, and everything from the pacing, cinematography, editing and direction is beyond laughable. The cult appeal of “Troll 2” is so powerful, a documentary, “Best Worst Movie,” was made by the actor who played the little boy to explain what was happening on the set of “Troll 2.”

If you have a good app for funny videos, you can find the legendary delivery of the lines, “They're eating her, and then they are going to eat me! Oh my Goooooooood!” for a taste of how terrible “Troll 2” really is.


3) - Manos: The Hands of Fate

Poster ManosMade in 1966, “Manos: The Hands of Fate” is possibly the worst film ever made. Primarily known to the late-night cult movie crowd due to its devastating treatment by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 team in 1992, “Manos” was produced by Harold Warren, a fertilizer salesman who i-Mockery reports made a bet he could make a blockbuster horror movie on a shoestring budget. It would be safe to say he lost that bet.

The plot of "Manos" is predictably terrible. A family gets lost on Texan back roads and has to stay the night in a shack owned by Torgo, who watches the shack while the evil “Master” isn't around. The Master worships the wicked deity Manos, making sacrifices of human hands to his grim totem.

When the family stays the night, The Master awakens, does the expected evil master routine, and kills the family dog. At some point, The Master's nine wives all wrestle for his favor, but chances are good if you actually watch this movie, you'll slip into a coma and miss it. “Manos” is unforgivably bad, but at best can be a hoot if you have a room full of funny friends. At worst, you'll all bond over the tragedy of having shared it.