4 Universal Monsters We Don't Know Too Well

Universal Studios is working on a sprawling set of connected films and franchises revolving around famous monsters and related characters. As you may have heard, this bold and ambitious venture will begin this spring with a reboot of The Mummy (though some would argue the real attempt at a first film was Dracula Untold in 2014). Future films will reportedly concern the likes of Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and, in all likelihood, Jekyll and Hyde, given that Russell Crowe is playing Dr. Jekyll in “The Mummy.”

But there are also several monster characters included in Universal’s plans that much of the general public doesn’t know particularly well. Most of these projects are reboots, so dedicated Universal horror fanatics are likely exceptions. The following four characters might be relatively new to most viewers once their respective films come along, and we'd like to get you a little better acquainted with them.

The Wolf Man

We generally know what we’ll be getting with the Wolf Man, because he’s a werewolf. Still, it’s anybody’s guess what Universal’s take on this mythical creature will look like. The Wolf Man first came out in 1941 starring Lon Chaney Jr. in the titular role, and Chaney would reprise that role in several different sequels. Universal actually put out a pretty high-powered reboot in 2010, with Benicio del Toro starring as the Wolf Man, and Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving also on board. For whatever reason, this movie didn’t attract too much attention. “The Mummy” will likely tell us a bit about what we should expect tone-wise, but many will be hoping for a dark, no-holds-barred approach. All we really know at this point is that the studio is reportedly after Dwayne Johnson for the main role.

The Invisible Man

The idea of the Invisible Man is one that most people are probably familiar with, but unless you happened to read the original short story by H.G. Wells you might not have really come across him. The last major film about the character was the 1933 classic starring Claude Rains. At any rate, the character will probably be new to entire generations when the reboot comes along, and you might do well to go back and read Wells' story.

Frankenstein’s Bride

Most everyone understands Frankenstein’s monster. You don’t even need to have seen a Frankenstein film (of which there have been many) to be familiar with this iconic character. But the bride of Frankenstein came about in the 1935 movie (The Bride Of Frankenstein), and hasn’t really been seen since. It’s actually a fascinating film to look back on, but how the Bride will be reimagined for a modern reboot is unknown. Helena Bonham Carter actually played the bride in 1994's Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and we'd be curious to see who they might cast this time around.


This is the proper name for the monster from the classic 1954 picture, “Creature From The Black Lagoon” as well as a couple of ‘50s sequels. This might just be the most obscure monster being adapted by Universal, and that means the studio will have a lot of creative flexibility in crafting a new movie. It should be fun to see what they come up with, and let’s all hope it can be scary rather than silly this time around.