DarkVeins Horror Fest 2017 Winners

DarkVeins Horror Fest announces the winners of this years' fest. This italian Festival received submissions from many talented filmmakers hailing from all around the world (Norway, Italy, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, Spain, Perù, Norway and many more...). Congrats to all of winners and congrats to all films nominated!

The best feature films and short films will be included in the Official Selections of the prestigious Optical Theatre Festival 2017 and they will be screening on November 30 and December 1 - 2 at the ex "Asilo Filangieri" located in Naples, Italy. Free entry.

The best Official Selections of the DarkVeins Horror Fest will be screening on december 21, 22 and 23 at the “Sala dei Tigli di Bigauda” in Camporosso, Imperia (free entry).

Winners below:

  • BEST FEATURE FILM: Scars of Xavier (Germany – 2017) by Kai E. Bogatzki
  • BEST SHORT FILM: Studded Nightmare (Canada – 2016) by Jean-Claude Leblanc
  • BEST EXTREME FEATURE FILM: Dis (USA – 2017) by Adrian Corona
  • BEST EXTREME SHORT FILM: Blaze of Gory: Monster (UK – 2016) by Andy Edwards
  • BEST ANIMATION: Juliette (Belgium – 2016) by Lora D’Addazio
  • BEST DIRECTOR: Dorian Fernández-Moris - Sinister Circle (Peru – 2016)
  • BEST SCREENPLAY: Omar Fye - Vilsen (Sweden – 2016) by Rasmus Tirzitis
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Oliver Anderson - Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir (USA – 2015) by David E. Munz-Maire
  • BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS: Scars of Xavier (Germany – 2017) by Kai E. Bogatzki
  • BEST ACTOR: Bill Oberst Jr. - Dis (USA – 2017) by Adrian Corona
  • BEST ACTRESS: Milene Vásquez - Sinister Circle (Peru – 2016) by Dorian Fernández-Moris
  • BEST MUSIC: Emmett Van Slyke - She Kills (USA – 2015) by Ron Bonk
  • BEST TRAILER: The Reds the Whites and The Dead (Russia – 2016) by Svetozar Golovlev
  • BEST EVIL CHARACTER: “The Imp” (Manuel Dominguez) - Dis (USA – 2017) by Adrian Corona