How to stop worrying and start loving horror movies

The horror genre is probably the most multifaceted and complicated in the world. It provides dozens of different stories: a mystical haunted house, investigations of series of murders, trashy bloody slashers where a psychopath terrorizes a suburb, isolation on a spaceship in a company of alien, tragic scientific experiments, and many more. Moreover, different movies (or books and video games, of course) have varying degrees of horror, not to mention different filming traditions and methods applied by authors from all over the world. At last, precisely some horrors made an inestimable contribution to the development of film industry. The most complicated visual effects and technical innovations were first implemented in horrors.

As you may see, anyone can find something special in different movies. But still, there are many people who refuse watching horrors. The reason is simple – they’re scared. We all went through our first fear of a monster on the screen and learned how to enjoy the genre. Now we share the secrets with those who don’t want to miss movie masterpieces and aspire to overcome their phobia. Women from who also were afraid participated in writing this article.

Make a research
As it was mentioned above, horror includes a lot of sub-genres and the degree of something you consider horrifying may be very different in two space-horror movies, for example. Briefly speaking, the genre can be divided into such categories:

  • Slashers – the plot consists mostly of violent murders committed by a maniac. The victims (preferably teenagers or young adults) are getting killed one by one.
  • Mystical – ghosts, restless spirits, reincarnations, zombies, and other supernatural phenomena are described in dark and very mysterious manner.
  • Detectives – classic stories of investigating crimes, where the accent is made on a murderer’s depraved mind. Sometimes, the detectives without a tag “horror” may be really scary.
  • Science fiction – plots about time travel, parallel universes, aliens, disgusting experiments and their fatal consequences.

You need to remember that sometimes butcherly monsters may look like teddy-bears in comparison with real people’s murders, and rivers of blood and guts may be less horrifying than the atmosphere of despair and isolation. Therefore, ask your friends to give you some advice and true facts at the beginning. Ask them whether it gory or not, are there many murders or screamers, how disgusting it is. In addition, read articles and compilations about the best movies (without spoilers), chat with horror lovers online via Facebook. The fans of the movies will definitely want you to love this genre too so they won’t recommend anything outrageous… unless they are hopeless morons.

Start with classics
Today, when most of the film lovers are spoiled by the extremely realistic picture, retro horrors look ridiculous rather than scary. Personally, we don’t share this point of view because there is a reasonable explanation: technical capabilities of the past cannot compete with dozens of modern novelties. The haters just should accept the fact there would not be perfect pictures today without the past achievements.
All in all, old classic horror movies are recommended to watch for newbies. They are moderately scary, the accent is made mostly on the atmosphere of suspense, and visual effects don’t let you forget that everything you see is just a prop. In fact, the most of old movies even have a much better script, so there is a chance you will really enjoy the watch.

Don’t watch it alone in the dark
Even experienced fans of horrors like watching movies with friends. When you are with someone, obviously, you won’t feel like something is watching you from the dark corner of your room. In addition, you can pause a film, discuss some terrifying moments, and calm down. Few words about preparations: get some snacks and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. You are going to make yourself feel very uncomfortable, so be sure you will enjoy at least something.

Laugh and transform fear into a joke
Some serious pictures are not funny at all. It is hard to laugh at cutting heads and awful scenes with monsters. But sometimes, you can find something ridiculous in horrors. It may be lame acting, stupid music, blood that looks like ketchup. Moreover, if you watch it with a friend or sibling, you can make fun together.
Close eyes if you’re too scared
If you really want to start loving horror movies and ready to break limits, closing eyes is very helpful. It may be a solution if you’re too emotional. Sometimes, people plug their ears instead, cause sounds make it even worse. If you want to test yourself, watch it through your fingers.

Moderately frightful films for beginners:

  • Alien (1979)
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
  • Halloween (1978)
  • 1408 (2007)
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968)
  • The Others (2001)
  • Scream (1996)
  • The Shining (1980)
  • The Skeleton Key (2005)