iHORRORdb Horror Fest 2020 Official Selections

The first edition of the iHORRORdb Horror Fest had a lot of submissions from many talented filmmakers hailing from all around the world. Today iHORRORdb is pleased to announce all the Official Selections of this year's fest. Among those are amazing feature films and short films and also some top of the line filmmakers and actors.
iHORRORdb will announce the winners on april 10th.

Two feature films, three short films and two trailers have been officially selected for the categories "Best Feature Film", "Best Short Film" and "Best Trailer". Congrats to all films nominated!

Here are all the iHORRORdb Fest Official Selections:

- Fall of Grace (USA - 2017) by Michael Crum
- Stay Out Stay Alive (USA - 2019) by Dean Yurke

- Perfect Evil (Italy - 2018) by Alessandro Della Villa
- Like Every Mornings (France - 2018) by Cédric Dupuis
- Bitch, Popcorn & Blood (France - 2015) by Fabio Soares
- The Music of John Low (Sweden - 2018) by Marko Kattilakoski

- Mystic Pines (Canada - 2019) by Jeremy Schell and Kyle Anderson
- The Tattooist (China - 2018) by Michael Wong