iHORRORdb Horror Fest 2020 Winners

The iHORRORdb Fest announced the winners of its first edition. This year’s event was originally scheduled for March 15 in Italy but it was delayed by the Covid19 emergency. Now the film festival is honored to present its special awards hoping it will help garner some well-deserved recognition for these wonderful works.

The iHORRORdb Fest received submissions from many talented filmmakers hailing from all around the world (USA, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Scotland, Norway, Italy, Spain and many more...) and it was difficult to make a choice.
The winners are Michael Crum's Fall of Grace for "Best Feature Film" and Marko Kattilakoski's The Music of John Low for "Best Short Film". The other festival winner is Jeremy Schell and Kyle Anderson's Mystic Pines for "Best Trailer".
Congrats to all the winners and congrats to all the films selected!!!

The iHORRORdb Fest Official Winners:

  • BEST FEATURE FILM: Fall of Grace (USA - 2017) by Michael Crum
  • BEST SHORT FILM: The Music of John Low (Sweden - 2018) by Marko Kattilakoski
  • BEST TRAILER: Mystic Pines (Canada - 2019) by Jeremy Schell and Kyle Anderson

Fall of Grace is a horror film written by Gerald Crum and directed by Michael Crum.
Cast: Gerald Crum, Joshua Winch, Sheri Davis and Richard S. Blake.
Synopsis: a troubled couple's lives descend into violence and madness after a demonic entity takes their daughter.

The Music of John Low is a twisted noir/horror/drama set in the 1930's and inspired by the author H.P. Lovecraft.
Marko Kattilakoski wrote and directed the film.
Cast: Dennis Åhs and Annelie Morin.
Synopsis: the traumatized private investigator John Low is on a mission to find an ancient occult book. On his way he has to deal with childhood memories, a broken marriage, a mad professor and a monster.

Mystic Pines is a horror trailer written by Dream Warriors and directed by Jeremy Schell and Kyle Anderson.
Synopsis: two cops are thrown into a whirlwind of terror as the small town of Mystic Pines, Ontario, is struck by a series of murders by a psychopath wearing a mirror for a face. As the case unravels, it becomes clear that the town has a secret evil they don't want uncovered.