The 2016 Optical Theatre Festival Official Selection: Demonoid 1971

Demonoid 1971 (Mexico, USA – 2015) is an official selection at The Optical Theatre Film Festival. Demonoid 1971 is a short horror film written, produced and directed by Alaric S. Rocha (Las fieras 1969).
This is the fourth in a series of five films under the pen name of Juan Francisco Moctezuma II.

Synopsis: a group of friends camps in the jungles of Mexico but the vacation turns to tragedy when one by one members of the group go missing. With the help of an Aztec priest, the survivors must fight the Aztec demon Itzpapalotl to save themselves and the world.

The cast includes: Jorge Karloz, Gabi Mayorga, Tessie Herrasti, Adrian Rodriguez, Antonio Monroi, Sergio Rogalto, Elisa Dei, Valentina Magaña, Monserrat Martínez Reyes, Chelsea Dvorchak, Julio Grijalva and Garado Ochoa Mohar.

Demonoid 1971 is an Official Selection for:

  • Best Trash Short Film

The Festival laurels to be shared: