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Dario Argento

Dario Argento, the master of the macabre, started his film career in writing screenplays for Italian directors. He wrote among other things in collaboration with Bernardo Bertolucci the script to Sergio Leone´s "Once Upon a Time in the West", one of the best westerns of all time. His directorial debut was "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage" from 1970. A strong giallo there Argento introduced the killer with the black leather-gloves, who later on was to be found in many of his other films. Though it was relatively bloodless, one could already now see distinct marks on what should come. It is considered to be a pivotal influential mother to the slasher genre that began in the late seventies. The following year released Argento two giallos "The Cat O' Nine Tails" and "Four Flies on Grey Velvet", that completed his animal trilogy. They were not in the same class as the debut, but were still better than most of the other giallos at that time. He made the unknown comedy "The Five Days of Milan" in 1973, which never been seen outside Italy and France. In 1975 came the film which became alive to the horror fans,and by many considered to be Argento´s best, "Profondo rosso/Deep Red". A title that has become a household word. It is a giallo about a pianist who witness a very bestial murder of a clairvoyant person, and then together with a female reporter decides to solve the clues to catch the killer. The clever story is very much alike his "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage", but in "Deep Red" escalates everything in all fields. All Argento´s trademarks began now to appear, such as his visual style, the eerie atmosphere, the roving camera, the over-the-top gore and the music from the cult declared rock band Goblin. From now on was Dario Argento a name to count on. After "Deep Red" started he making supernatural horror movies. He had plans to do a trilogy about witches that he still not have finished. "Suspiria" from 1977 was the first installment in the Three Mothers trilogy. An Academy of ballet in Germany is the center of things in the plot. An American ballet student arrives, and discover when the body count rises that the Academy has a bizarre history. "Suspiria" is maybe the most beautiful horror film that ever been made. Dario made use of a red and blue color scheme that together with Goblin´s pounding soundtrack constituted an unusual uncanny atmosphere. "Suspiria" is Argento´s most popular picture, and without a doubt one of the greatest horror flicks. In 1978 co-produced Argento George A. Romero´s zombie classic "Dawn of the Dead", and that only increased his popularity. 1980 was the birth of the second installment in the Three Mothers trilogy. The second witch, Maid of Tenebrarum, the Mother of Darkness, lived in a building in New York, and was the cruelest of them. "Inferno" is somewhat unequal, but is in its best moments among the best Argento made. It is weird and incoherent, and has an imagery that is almost as beautiful as "Suspiria". The Keith Emerson score mixed with opera are excellent. In 1982 returned Argento to his roots with the giallo "Tenebrae". His movies had ever since "Deep Red" become more and more violent, and reached its climax in "Tenebrae". It is about American writer Peter Neil who travel to Rome to promote his new novel. Then a ripper start to murder women and cram paper from Neil´s book into their mouths, and soon is Peter Neil one of the suspected. "Tenebrae" is full of beautiful arranged set pieces and is one of Argento´s most conspicous flicks. Very hard to find in uncut shape. In "Phenomena" (1985) act Jennifer Connelly in only her second film the principal part, as the girl who can communicate with insects. That special ability proves to be useful when she enter a girl school in Switzerland, there a killer is on the loose and finish girls in a steady stream. A rather silly plot is saved by a haunting atmosphere and music from Goblin. "Phenomena" is Argento´s own favorite film. In 1986 produced and wrote Dario Lamberto Bava´s "Demons" which was a box office success in the States. The follow-up "Demons 2" was however a failure of great proportions. "Opera" from 1987 was a giallo in opera surroundings. It was Argento´s most expensive, and a technical masterpiece. Some think that he focused too much on camera movement and imagery instead of plot, but it´s still impressive. "Opera" was Argento´s last great effort. In "Two Evil Eyes" (1990) made Argento and George A. Romero each an Edgar Allan Poe story. None of the directors came up to their normal standard. In his following three movies let he the daughter Asia act the principal part. "Trauma" (1993) and "The Stendhal Syndrome" (1996) were decent ordinary thrillers, nothing more, while "The Phantom of the Opera" (1998) was utterly bad and the lowest mark of Argento´s career. His latest, "Sleepless" (2001), is yet another decent flick. Better than most of the teen slashers of today, bur far worse than "Deep Red", "Suspiria", "Inferno", "Tenebrae", "Phenomena" and "Opera". I have no longer any hope for Dario Argento. Many years ago he was called Italy´s Alfred Hitchcock. By comparison with Hitchcock was Argento´s plots a mess, but his imagery was a feast for the eyes. He has never received his rightful worldwide breakthrough (chiefly because of the US never accepted the plotholes in his stories), but his fanatical fans in Europe will never forget him.

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Sep 7, 1940 In Rome, Italy
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In the movie The Bird with the Crystal Plumage 1970-02-27
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Movie Suspiria 2018-11-02
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Movie Dawn of the Dead Film Editing (recut version, uncredited)/Composer 1978-09-02
Movie Suspiria Director/Writer/Composer/Narrator (voice, uncredited) 1977-02-01
Movie Deep Red Director/Writer/Murderer's Hands (uncredited) 1975-03-07
Movie La porta sul buio: La bambola Producer/Himself - Host (uncredited) 1973
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