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Brad Dourif

Sure, there's a lot of actors out there who can play crazy. More than a few of them probably even are, but find someone who has made a venerable career out of playing the crazy, insane, or even just plain psychotic, you'd have to look no further than one seemingly mild-mannered man from West Virginia by the name of Brad Dourif. Born on March 18, 1950 in Huntington, West Virginia, Brad's early life was marred by the loss of his father when he was only three years old. Still, the family survived and moved on, and after years at a preparatory school in South Carolina, Dourif was at a crossroads in life where he was debating between pursuing art or acting as a career. Inspired by his mother's work in Community Theater, he became an actor. Although his first movie part was a minor role in a small Burt Reynolds vehicle, he found true prominence in the role of Billy Bibbitt in Milos Forman's all time classic, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", where he played his first of many mental patients and gained critical acclaim for his tragic role. Receiving a Golden Globe for the role, he missed out on the American Academy Award but did gain a British Academy Film Award for best supporting actor. After such a widely acclaimed part, he soon found trouble getting work outside of his intensity as most people began to look at him as more than a little crazy. Despite significant parts in historical flops Dune and Heavens Gate, he began dabbling with the horror genre playing heavies in films like The Eyes of Laura Mars, Blue Velvet, Spontaneous Combustion and The Exorcist III throughout the 80's and early 90's. Still, no role he would ever partake in would compare to the infamy of one where he hardly even showed his face. In 1988, Dourif signed on to play the serial killer Charles "Chucky" Lee Ray in the first chapter in the long-lasting Child's Play series. Although the majority of Chucky's performance was due in part to the top-notch animatronics and puppet performances, Dourif's truly demented and psychotically enthusiastic voice gave life to what would have otherwise been a standard and clichéd killer doll brought to life movie. While most killers were silent and ones like Freddy and Pinhead did their best to make the audiences laugh, Chucky was most interested in making himself laugh while dispatching victims in some of the most inventive manners possible, and if it weren't for Dourif's delightfully maniacal performance the part would not have worked. Throughout the 90's Dourif stayed close to the horror genre which made him a star, taking small parts in movies like Dario Argento's Trauma (1993) and Urban Legend (1998), where he resurrected his Billy Bibbit stutter that brought him to the forefront. In 1997 he had a prominent role as yet another mad doctor in the oft-lamented Alien: Resurrection in a part that would have been a bit loony if played by anyone else, but in Dourif's capable hands managed to just seem delightfully nuts. In 1998 within the post-Scream slasher boom, Dourif stepped back into the shoes of killer doll Chucky in the wildly inventive Bride of Chucky and proved that he still had what it took to make an impact on the world of horror. As of late, Dourif has kept as busy a schedule as most mainstream actors, having gained recognition for his slimy role of Grima Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and as a wild west gunslinger in HBO's "Deadwood." Although Chucky's most recent effort was half-hearted at best, nothing is to say that in the right hands Dourif wouldn't be willing to step back into Chucky's pint-sized shoes for one last bloody massacre. A Fact About Dourif During his numerous trips down to New Zealand for the filming of his part in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Brad had to shave his eyebrows on five separate occasions.

Horror movies:
First Appeared:
In the movie Eyes of Laura Mars 1978-08-02
Latest Project:
Movie Wildling 2018-04-13
Splat Known For
Splat Brad Dourif Horror Filmography
Movie Wildling Daddy 2018-04-13
Movie Cult of Chucky Charles Lee Ray/Chucky (voice) 2017-09-23
Movie Gingerclown Worm Creature 2013-05-09
Movie Blood Shot Bob 2013-08-01
Movie Curse of Chucky Chucky (Voice) 2013-10-04
Movie Malignant The Man 2013-10-04
Movie Priest Salesman 2011-05-05
Movie Fading of the Cries Mathias 2011-07-08
Movie Chain Letter Mr. Smirker 2010-10-01
Movie Halloween II Sheriff Lee Brackett 2009-08-28
Movie The Wizard of Gore Dr. Chong 2007-06-22
Movie Halloween Sheriff Leigh Brackett 2007-08-31
Movie The Hazing Professor Kapps 2004-03-06
Movie Seed of Chucky Chucky 2004-11-11
Movie The Prophecy 3: The Ascent Zealot 2000-03-14
Movie Progeny Dr. Bert Clavell 1998-03-30
Movie Bride of Chucky Chucky (voice) 1998-10-16
Movie Nightwatch Duty Doctor 1997-01-31
Movie Alien: Resurrection Dr. Jonathan Gediman 1997-11-26
Movie Death Machine Jack Dante 1994-12-23
Movie Trauma Dr. Lloyd 1993-03-12
Movie Critters 4 Al Bert 1992-10-16
Movie Body Parts Remo Lacey 1991-08-02
Movie Child's Play 3 Chucky 1991-08-30
Movie The Exorcist III James Venamun / The Gemini Killer 1990-08-17
Movie Spontaneous Combustion Sam 1990-02-23
Movie Grim Prairie Tales Farley 1990-09-14
Movie Graveyard Shift Tucker Cleveland / The Exterminator 1990-10-26
Movie Child's Play 2 Chucky 1990-11-09
Movie Child's Play Charles Lee Ray/Chucky 1988-11-08
Movie Eyes of Laura Mars Tommy Ludlow 1978-08-02