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Lucio Fulci

Who could ever believe that the world's most influential horror director is a man that most people have never heard of? With the return of popular horror to theaters, fans of splatter might consider looking back to their cinematic roots and, more specifically, to Lucio Fulci. Born in Rome, Italy, on June 7, 1927, Fulci has become a filmmaking martyr to devoted fans around the world. The equivalent of Italy's George Romero, Fulci has been revolting and shocking moviegoing audiences for decades. His film career began in the 1950s as an assistant director and he soon moved up to directing his own films. His directorial debut was with Howlers of the Dark, which was released overseas in 1960. His career was off to a sudden start and several more successful films followed. Most of them were shock-related, which drew in the early fans of over-the-top gore. As time went by, more and more followers arose for the darkness and his films began pouring out at a very steady rate. In 1971, he released A Lizard in a Woman's Skin; and in 1972, he released White Fang, Don't Torture the Duckling, and The Eroticist. His film for 1974 was the sequel to White Fang, Challenge to White Fang and 1975 brought about Dracula in the Provinces and The Four of the Apocalypse. The list of movies goes on and on throughout the next twenty years, many of the films appearing under different titles in the U.S. and parts of Europe. 1976 brought around La Pretora, which was quickly followed by Seven Notes in Black (aka The Psychic) (1977), Man in the Silver Saddle (1978), and Zombi 2 (aka Zombie, Island of the Living Dead), the film which finally won him worldwide acclaim, in 1979. By 1980, everything was fitting together perfectly for Fulci. Next up was City of the Living Dead (aka The Gates of Hell, The Fear, The Twilight of the Dead), Contraband (aka The Napels Connections, The Smuggler), and The Black Cat, all in 1980. In 1981, he directed The Beyond (aka Seven Doors of Death), The New York Ripper (aka Psycho Ripper, The Ripper) and Manhattan Baby (aka The Evil Eye, Eye of the Evil Dead, The Possessed). After that, he created Fighting Centurions (aka New Gladiators, Rome 2072A.D., Warriors of the Year 2072) and Conquest (both '83). In 1984, Fulci helmed Murder Rock (aka Dancing Death) and 1986 brought about Dangerous Obsession (aka Devil's Honey). Finally wrapping up the 80s were Aenigma (1987), Zombi 3, Touch of Death (aka When Alice Broke the Mirror), The Ghosts of Sodom (aka Sodoma's Ghost), and Demonia (aka Liza), all in 1988, plus The Sweet House of Horrors (1989) and House of Clocks (1989). The 90s marked a new era for Lucio. His films were still going strong and had yet to lose any of their impact. During the first year of the decade, he directed Voices from Beyond (aka Voices from the Deep), which was followed by Cat in the Brain (aka Nightmare Concert) in 1991. His final film was 1991's Door to Silence, but it wasn't until March 13, 1996 that Lucio finally passed away due to a diabetes-related illness. Before he died, he had helped write the screenplay for the 1997 remake of Terror in the Wax Museum, which he entitled M.D.C. - Maschera di cera. Lucio didn't just direct his films, either. He acted as a special effects supervisor, an associate producer (to 1987's The Curse), and even played a few roles. He can be seen as a pathologist in City of the Living Dead, the chief of police in The New York Ripper, a doctor in Manhattan Baby, Dr. Carter in Demonia, a pathologist in Voices from Beyond, and as the aptly-named Dr. Fulci in Cat in the Brain - his only major role.Although he may be forgotten by many cinema buffs, such a man deserves more respect than anyone is capable of giving him. When he died, he left behind a legacy of modern horror that will never be equaled by another filmmaker. A FACT ABOUT FULCI Although Lucio oftentimes had small children meeting very violent deaths in his films, he was actually quite fond of kids. He said it was always easier to work with children since they never really acted - they just had fun.

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Jun 17, 1927 In Rome, Italy
Horror movies:
First Appeared:
In the movie One on Top of the Other 1969-08-15
Latest Project:
Movie The Wax Mask 1997-04-03
Splat Known For
Poster of The House by the Cemetery
Poster of The Beyond
Poster of City of the Living Dead
Poster of Zombie
Splat Lucio Fulci Horror Filmography
Movie The Wax Mask Writer (story and screenplay) 1997-04-03
Movie Sick-o-pathics Himself 1996-01-01
Movie Voices from Beyond Director/Writer (story and screenplay)/Actor (Pathologist) 1991-05-11
Movie Cat in the Brain Director/Writer (story and screenplay)/Actor (Dr. Lucio Fulci) 1990-08-08
Movie Hansel e Gretel Director (uncredited) 1990-01-01
Movie Demonia Director/Writer (screenplay)/Actor (Inspector Carter - uncredited) 1990-10-01
Movie The Sweet House of Horrors Director/Writer (story) 1989-01-01
Movie The House of Clocks Director/Writer (story) 1989-01-01
Movie Sodoma's Ghost Director/Writer (story and screenplay) 1988-01-01
Movie Zombie 3 Director 1988-07-29
Movie Touch of Death Director/Writer (story and screenplay) 1988-01-01
Movie Aenigma Director/Writer (screenplay)/Special Effects (special photographic effects)/Actor (Police Inspector - uncredited) ) 1987-11-09
Movie Murder Rock - Dancing Death Director/Writer (story and screenplay)/Actor (Phil, the agent - uncredited) 1984-01-01
Movie The New York Ripper Director/Writer (story)/Actor (Chief of Police) 1982-01-01
Movie Manhattan Baby Director/Actor (Dr. Forrester) 1982-08-12
Movie The Beyond Director/Writer (screenplay)/Actor (Town Clerk - uncredited) 1981-04-29
Movie The Black Cat Director/Writer (screenplay)/Actor (Doctor - scenes deleted) 1981-04-04
Movie The House by the Cemetery Director/Writer (screenplay)/Actor (Professor Muller - uncredited) 1981-08-14
Movie City of the Living Dead Director/Writer (story)/Producer/Actor (Dr. Joe Thompson - uncredited) 1980-08-11
Movie Zombie Director/Actor (Peter's News Editor - uncredited) 1979-08-25
Movie The Psychic Director/Writer (story) 1977-08-10
Movie Don't Torture a Duckling Director/Writer (story and screenplay) 1972-09-29
Movie A Lizard in a Woman's Skin Director/Writer (story and screenplay) 1971-02-17
Movie One on Top of the Other Director/Writer (story and screenplay)/Actor (Graphologist - uncredited) 1969-08-15